Quality control(ISO)

ISO Authenticate
Acoustic Equipment's
  • Frequency Multi Scope Tester

  • 3D View Dimension Analyzer

  • B&K Audio Analyzer
  • Audio Frequency-Scan Signal Generator

  • PCB Alignment Chamber
  • Rohde & Schwarz CMU200/UPV
  • CLIO Audio Analyzer System

  • Stereo Earphone
    ATE System
  • Mobile Phone
    Acoustical ATE
  • MEMS Microphones
    Digital/Analog Acoustical
    System for ATE
Anechoic Chamber and Certificate
  • Inside space(L*W*H) 241*241*197cm
    Outside space(L*W*H) 362*361*386cm
    Satisfy to inverse square range 150Hz~20kHz
    Integrated Isolation Ability
    (When 80dB Pink Noise Outside)
    ≧50dB (B&K/GRAS Low Noise System measurement
    Background noise (outside enviroment noise)≦70dB ≦70dB ≦20dB(A)
    Cut off frequency ≦150Hz
    Frequency of float floor ≦10Hz


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