Customized software

ATE Team Ability on System Integration

  • Customization Test Program

    - Integrating factory log, SFCS, UI, Program
  • Integration 3th party or customer program

    - Integrate SoundCheck, CLIO to meet factory requirement
    - Integrate customer’s procedure

Acoustic Analyzer SW Function

  • Features

    - Simple golden sample calibration method
    - Clearly result indicator for production
    - SN format control
    - Readable and editable test sequences and limit
    - Multi-type log format
    - Simple meter for signal debug
  • Test item

    - Sensitivity@94dBSPL and two definable SPL(60dBSPL~140dBSPL)
    - THD@1kHz/94dBSPL and two definable SPL(60dBSPL~140dBSPL) (IEC-60268-5)
    - THD+N@1kHz/94dBSPL and two definable SPL(60dBSPL~140dBSPL)
    - Frequency response(100Hz to 20kHz with software selectable frequencies)
    - THD response(100Hz to 20kHz with software selectable frequencies)
  • Test Item

    - Sweep Frequency Response(1/3, 1/6, 1/12 octave)
    - Single tone test
    - THD (IEC-60268-5)
    - R&B

  • DUT Communication

    - ADB
    - Customer console application

  • Automation

    - Chamber auto control
    - Auto switch test channels
    - Shopfloor
    - Log multi-format
  • Receipt editor

    - Customization test flow
    - Customization test criteria


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